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    Atoderm intensive - bioderma (75 ml)

    Atoderm intensive - bioderma (75 ml)
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    Bioderma Atoderm Intensive (75 ml; Bioderma; Bioderma) Atoderm Intensive stops itching quickly and reduces the tendency to scratch thanks to its dermatologically antipruritic ingredient Pea. Enriched with softening and purifying ingredients to soothe irritation immediately. Atoderm Intensive restores the skin barrier in a sustainable way thanks to its exclusive Lipigenium complex made up of biolipids naturally present in the skin. The patented Skin Barrier Therapy provides, on the one hand, for that staphylococcus aureus does not proliferate on the skin and prevents attachment and on the other hand, that allergens intrude the skin, two factors that aggravate skin dryness.