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    Lierac hydragenist balsamo labial incoloro 3g

    Lierac hydragenist  balsamo labial incoloro 3g
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    The guardian of the smile with natural gloss effect, a nourishing lip balm that recreates juicy lips in a simple step In addition to the Hydra O2 complex based on the aesthetic technique that reproduces tissue oxygenation, this balm contains soothing and protective pink wax, as well as Shea butter with a high content of fatty acids with nutritive and restorative power. 100% comfort. Created for women who dream of a moisturizing lip treatment with an anti-aging plus to maintain a perfect smile and fill even with the passage of time. Because the thin skin of the lips has a weaker hydration rate than the rest of the face. In addition, they are not protected by the sebaceous and sweat glands, absent in this area.