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    Isdin germisdin hygiene & protection aloe vera (250 ml)

    Isdin germisdin hygiene & protection aloe vera (250 ml)
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    Hygiene antiseptic moisturizer for daily use. Indications: Preventive hygiene in risk situations such as swimming pools, gymnasiums or people in contact with patients. Specially indicated for dry skins or with tendency to pruritus. Adjuvant to the anti-infectious treatment to guarantee an effective hygiene. Aseptic hygiene of the skin with agents that prevent the proliferation of microorganisms in the skin. Anti-pruritic action thanks to its formulation with laureth-9 and moisturizer for its content in aloe vera. Skin protection due to its slightly acidic pH, which ensures the antiseptic effect and respects the skin's hydrolipidic layer. Instructions for use: Apply daily to previously moisturized skin in the bath or shower. Massage until foam is obtained and rinse.