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    Cepillo espacio interproximal - interprox plus (mini conico 6 u)

    Cepillo espacio interproximal - interprox plus (mini conico 6 u)
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    Interprox Plus Mini Cónico is designed to remove oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) build-up from 1.0 mm interproximal spaces, particularly in the premolar and molar areas. Its angled brush head provides easy access to interdental spaces in the premolar and molar regions. This specific design allows for perpendicular entry, preventing gingival lesions. The size of the head and its conical shape ensure deep cleaning of interdental spaces of at least 1.0 mm (PHD=1.0). Innovative manufacturing with high quality Tynex filaments allows for better gum care, because their dual colour design allows white filaments to detect bleeding sites and black filaments to detect the presence of oral biofilm. The stainless steel wire is coated with polyurethane (plastic material), to better protect the mucosal, dental and implant structures. The brush also comes with a protective cap for convenient transport. Interprox Plus Mini Cónico effectively cleans interproximal spaces and helps to protect teeth from caries and periodontal disease. Interprox Plus Mini Cónico meets the ISO 16409 standard (international standard for interdental brushes). INDICATIONS: Interprox Plus Mini Cónico is indicated for people with 1.0 mm interdental spaces. It is also indicated for people with orthodontics, implants and fixed prostheses. HOW TO USE: Insert the brush loosely, so that the filaments, and not the wire, are what are touching teeth. Move the brush in and out, without turning it. If the wire bends or rubs gums, use a brush with a smaller PHD.