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    Ortolacer gel dentifrico (menta 75 ml)

    Ortolacer gel dentifrico (menta  75 ml)
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    OrtoLacer is a range of products (mouthwash and dental gel in three flavours, strawberry, mint and lime) specially designed for people who wear braces. It is designed for daily use to prevent the oral disorders inherent to orthodontic treatment. Antimicrobial efficacy Triclosan + zinc chloride. Provide long-lasting inhibition of bacterial activity. Gingival protection Zinc chloride. Reduces gingival bleeding and inflammation. Vitamin E + pro-vitamin B5. Strengthens gums against the aggression of dental plaque. Remineralization of tooth enamel The effective antimicrobial action of triclosan reduces the formation of dental plaque over the long term and curbs inflammation of gingival tissue, while preventing the onset of gingivitis and bleeding gums. The low abrasiveness of the dental gel ensures adequate hygiene without scratching tooth enamel or orthodontic devices. There are no contra-indications, interactions or adverse effects, which means OrtoLacer can be used every day over long periods of time. Orto Lacer proTabs 20 tablets Removable orthodontic devices can become contaminated by different microorganisms. This contamination can generate serious health problems, such as local infections caused by Candida and other microorganisms that can cause stomatitis, gingivitis, etc., as well as systemic infections of the gastrointestinal and pulmonary systems. OrtoLacer proTabs eliminates plaque and other microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and viruses) from orthodontic devices and from the different polymers this devices are made of. Important: Use with hot water.